Product Details

Ulsihair Tablet

Product Discription

Information about ULSIHAIR Tablet :

ULSIHAIR Tablet is used for the treatment of hair fall, premature greying, baldness, weak nails and other related conditions. ULSIHAIR Tablet comprises biotin as its primary ingredient and it works by reducing biotin deficiency and The primary reason behind hair fall and related issues.

Key Ingredients :

  • ⦁ Biotin
  • ⦁ Calcium pantothenate
  • ⦁ Elemental copper
  • ⦁ Elemental selenium
  • ⦁ Elemental Zinc
  • ⦁ N-Acetylcysteine

Key Benefits: :

  • ⦁ Ulsihair Tablet is useful in treating hair loss, premature greying, weak nails
  • ⦁ Maintains healthy skin and promotes hair growth
  • ⦁ Ulsihair Tablet increases the action of anti-oxidants
  • ⦁ Normalizes the immune and reproductive system
  • ⦁ Useful for those suffering from zinc deficiencies

Directions For Use :

Take Ulsihair Tablets directed by the physician.

  • ⦁ Read the label carefully before use
  • ⦁ Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • ⦁ Keep out of the reach of children
  • ⦁ Store in a cool, dry place
  • ⦁ Keep away from direct sunlight