Company Profile

Our Vision

Ulisses Pharmaceuticals private limited Is entrusted to introduce virtue product for the skin care professionals to ameliorate the health and happiness of individual. Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable medicine and treatment in India

Our Mission

Our mission is to become most significance pharm associate to the pharmaphratry by delivering high class product with affordable solutions in key market. We Ulisses Pharmaceuticals are engaged in developing new product in dermatology and cosmetology segment.

Our Culture

To stage manage professionalism respect for others and fairly reward employee provide equal opportunities and support carrier development.

Company Profile


ULISSES PHARMACEUTICALS is a speciality pharmaceutical company marketing products to defined customer groups (speciality doctors), where effective targeting of prescribers allows maximization of sales by a relatively small but high quality sales force. ULISSES PHARMACEUTICALS is amongst India’s fastest growing companies having presence in Dermatology. In India, the company has brought in a well balanced portfolio that includes India’s most researched & clinically proven dermatology products. Our products find extensive prescription support in the Indian dermatology,communities with brands like Zysses-c ,Ulsihair ,Ulsiwart, Ulitra 100mg, Ulimix, Lusses , Tacrosses, Tjlene-AD, O2sses, Msses, Zitssess 20mg ,TxGlow ,Gairish Face wash. ULISSES PHARMACEUTICALS, part of a pharmaceutical company, is amongst India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. Backed by a strong distribution network and extensive manufacturing and commercial skills, we strive to provide integrated healthcare solutions at affordable costs. The company is based at Delhi

Our Business Model

ULISSES business model has five Degree of focus:

  • A focus on product identification and marketing
  • The presence of specialist doctors
  • A strong Domestic distribution network
  • A spread across the Indian markets
  • A concentration on Dermatology

ULISSES PHARMACEUTICALS continues to drive its growth through expansion in the Indian Markets and innovatory product introductions in the Indian market. More of the company’s products are brand leaders in their respective categories in Indian pharmaceutical market. The product quality & efficacy is in conformity with international norms laid out for such products. Our products find pervasive prescription support in the Indian dermatology.

In summary, ULISSES PHARMACEUTICALS is the leading brand Inventor in Indian pharmaceutical market.